yamaha XGworks 3.0.7E-an200-dx200 editor FOR MAC


This is the official XGworks 3.0.7E adapted for Mac OS X. It is embed in a standalone Wine compiled App. That's why the app size is so big. It contains all the Wine binaries so the app can run without prior install of Wine.  It comes with the Yamaha AN200 Editor and  Yamaha DX200 Editor plug-ins.

If you experience a success or a failure, please take a moment to report which OSX and Midi interface you use by contacting us. Thanks!

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions. HERE

Many thanks to Ryan H. for initiating this. ;)





    December 11, 2016    
  344.9 MB


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  • Unzip the file
  • Launch XGworks307E.app
  • Go to Setup>System Setup
  • Check your Audio and MIDI connections 
  • To load AN200 or DX200 editor, go to Plug-in> AN200 Editor or DX200 Editor

If it doesn't work properly, you can try this alternative version: XGworks3.0.7E-AN200-DX200-Alt.zip